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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
6# Sawyer Shell Fired by Holcomb's Vermont Battery at Port Hudson, Louisiana
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Here is a scarce shell and we know the exact battery that fired it. This one is the rare projectile for the 6 pound Sawyer rifle. This artifact was found years ago in the area of Port Hudson, Louisiana. During the Civil War Port Hudson was one of the most important strategic sites in the Western Theater of operations. For 48 days in 1863 the area was under siege by the Union artillery. The reason that the Confederates fought so desperately to hold the area is that they knew when it fell into the Union hands that the North would have control of the Mississippi River. This is one of the cannon projectiles that were fired during the fierce fighting and siege of Port Hudson. We know that this was fired by Holcomb's Vermont Battery during the Battle of Port Hudson because they were the only ones there that had the Sawyer rifled cannon. Originally this shell would have been covered with a very thin coating of lead to take the rifling of the cannon. When it was fired out of the cannon barrel it blew off the top section of the lead to reveal the iron underneath. It is wonderful way to show the iron body of the shell underneath the lead outer coating. On the lower section of the shell it has the full lead coating so you can display it and show both layers. At the top of the shell it would have originally had the Sawyer fuse that is now missing in action. On the bottom of the shell you can still see a good part of the patent mark stamped into the lead. This is your chance to own a piece of history from one of the most significant battles of the Civil War.

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