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RARE! Texas Soldier's Greensboro Parole Signed by General Beauregard
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There is a lot of history wrapped up in this small piece of paper. When Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to Union General William T. Sherman on April 26th 1865, they required the regular soldiers to get a "Parole" to show that they surrendered and could return home. The pre-printed piece of paper has the blanks nicely filled in using fine brown ink. The paper itself measures 7-3/4ths inches by 4-1/4th inches in overall size. It has the location of Greensboro, North Carolina and is clearly dated from May 1st 1865. It was issued to "2nd Lieut A.R. Toutant, of Texas, Tucker's Regt. - Actg A.D.C. P.A.C.S" who has "given his solemn obligation not to take up arms against the Government of the United States until properly released from this obligation." When you look up Toutant, you see that he was from Texas and was part of Tucker's Regiment. This regiment was made up of former Prisoners of War that were released from the prisons at Florence, South Carolina, Salisbury, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia and was organized on October 16th 1864. At the surrender, they had 72 men still serving including Toutant. What makes this one extra special is that it is authorized by the commanding officer in the lower right hand corner. This one is hand signed by Confederate General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard. Beauregard was one of the most important figures of Civil War. He was in command of Charleston during the capture of Fort Sumter, then at 1st Manassas. Then he went west and was 2nd in Command under Albert Sidney Johnston. He then tried as best he could to defend Charleston and Savannah and then was with Lee defending Richmond and then in the Carolinas. The document is docketed on the left side and on the back. The left reads in part: "US Qrs recpt of the Gulf Office Pro Mar Genl. New Orleans May 22, 1868/Reported and Registered..." On the back it is registered with the Provost Marshall in Mobile, Alabama by a Captain in the 8th Iowa Infantry. This little document has it all!

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