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Civil War Documents
Autograph Letter From The "Angel of the Battlefield" Clara Barton to Beast Butler
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Here is a wonderful ink autograph of Clara Barton (December 25, 1821 - April 12, 1912). Barton is known as the founded of the American Red Cross. During the Civil War she worked tirelessly to raise money for medical supplies for the soldiers and helped in saving thousands of lives with her efforts. This three page letter measures 5 inches by 8 inches in overall size. It is written entirely in Barton's hand and is from Washington, D.C. with a date of October 26th 1868. Barton writes to General Benjamin Butler. Butler was a high ranking Union General during the Civil War and was known as "Beast" Butler by the Southerns that he harshly treated. Barton writes that "My dear friend I have still another matter in which I need your advice, but I will not crowd it into these troubled days. How soon after your election shall you be in Washington? And if not very soon, may I see you at your present home, and when?" General Butler Autographed the note with his initials on the back of the letter with his reply. It states, in part: "My dear Miss Barton. I shall not be in Washington until...the first Saturday in December...happy to see you at any time...Respectfully BB." This is a great autograph of this amazing American Hero and you have the initials of Butler as a bonus. It is accompanied by a modern made Xerox image of Barton.

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