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Currency & Bonds - Confederate Bonds 1863-1865
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ETERNAL OPTIMISM! Rare End of the War Issued C.S. Savings Bond- February of 1865
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I have always loved this pattern of bond. I have always referred to these as an "Optimist" bond. This one was issued form Richmond, Virginia on March 1st 1865, that's right Richmond in March of 1865. If you have seen the images of the war torn city of Richmond you can imagine what type of optimist you had to be to buy a Confederate bond at that late of date. The Confederacy in Richmond only lasted 1 more month before it fell into Union hands. This bond was issued for one hundred dollars. It measures 11.25 inches by 9.75 inches in size. It has the naval battle scene at the top of the bond. The scene depicts the CSS Virginia sinking the USS Cumberland in March of 1862. What a wonderful piece of history from the final days of the Confederacy!

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