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Patriotic Blade Etched Motto Sheffield Cutlery Handled Sideknife
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Here is a beautiful looking original Civil War era side knife. This is the style that is referred to by collectors as a "cutlery" handle side knife. They get their nickname because the handle is very similar in design to that used on better quality carving knives of the day. This knife measures 9-1/2 inches in overall length with the blade making up 4-7/8ths of those inches. This is the style knife that is sharpened on both sides and this pattern is referred to by collectors as the "dagger" blade. As you can see the blade still retains a beautiful amount of its original finish. What separates this knife for most of the ones that you encounter is the motto that is etched on the blade. You can still read the majority of the motto that reads "Never Draw Me without Reason nor Sheath Me without Honor". Knives with such a motto are highly desirable encoded by collectors. At the base of the blade it has the makers stamp of "MANSON / SHEFFIELD". The Sheffield is an area in England that made some of the greatest edged weapons of the Civil War era. The cross guard is made of nickel silver in the simple oval design and the handle is made of nice quality silver. The knife is still accompanied by an old leather sheath thatdisplay well with it. Very cool looking original Civil War era side knife.

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