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Uniform Buttons of the U.S. Artillery & Navy Branches in Non-Excavated Condition

Misc. Non-Excavated
Gorgeous Low Profile Non-Excavated 2-Piece Artillery Coat Button by Kendrick AY58a
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This is a beautiful original non-dug coat size 1830 period artillery corps button. What is cool about this button is that it is the version that is made to look like a 1-piece but is actually made of a front and a back. has the tougher to find maker mark of the Kendrick Company on the reverse. This one has great looking detail. It has the cannon on the front with the eagle perched on top of the barrel. Below the gun is a stack of ten cannonballs and the large word "CORPS". This one has the original shank present on the back of the button. This is the style listed as figure AY58a in Albert's button book. It is a great looking 2-piece artillery coat button in non-excavated condition. '

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