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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
J. Brown Made Heavy Barrel .41 Caliber Target "Sharpshooter" Rifle 1856-1859
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Here is a great piece! This is a rifle from just before the Civil War. This is the heavy barrel rifle that is known as a target rifle but you sometimes see them listed as "Sharpshooter" rifles. They were used occasionally by sharpshooters but only when they were pressed into service. This one is a beauty. It has the massive octagonal barrel that is 32 inches in length. It fires the rifled bullet of .41 caliber. The metal of the barrel still has a beautiful amount of the factory browning finish. What makes the gun extra special is that it has the maker stamping on one of the barrel flats. It proudly reads "J. BROWN" over "FREEMONT,N.H.". The maker's book states that John F. Brown went into the gunmaking business in 1840. He was only located at the Fremont, New Hampshire address from 1856 until 1859. He moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1859. This lets us know that this gun is definitely made before the Civil War. The barrel of the gun has a modern made brass "bullet starter" muzzle accessory added to enhance the display. It has the circular front sight and at the breech it has the adjustable base with the peer sight. The mechanics of the gun are designed with the double set triggers. This design is made for target or sharpshooting. You pull the back trigger so that when you cock the hammer back it clicks into place. This makes it set with a hair trigger that fires at the slightest touch when you pull the front trigger. The mechanics work crisply on all positions. The lockplate of the gun as well as the breech of the barrel have some of the beautiful case coloration still remaining. The stock of the gun is made from a single piece of furniture grade walnut wood with a beautiful look all over. There is one crack behind the hammer that is mentioned for exactness. It is a design what is made without a forestock. There are silver inlays on the back side of the stock with the matching engraving. It has the large crescent shaped buttplate made of German silver that matched the triggerguard. This is a gorgeous looking Civil War timeframe target rifle that could have been used as a sharpshooter rifle if need be.

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