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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
LOOK AT THIS ONE! Amazing Presidential Blade Marked Militia Officer's Sword
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This is one of the coolest swords that I have ever owned! It is an original ornate officer's sword from the 1820's. When the sword is in the scabbard it appears as a standard beautiful militia officer's sword. When you pull the sword out of the scabbard it becomes a stunning piece of history! The full-length blade measures 31-3/4ths inches. What makes it stand out is the blue and gold detail work on each side. One side has "WASHINGTON" in a banner towards the tip. It also has the name of the famous "LAFAYETTE" in a banner along with the names representing General Nathaniel Greene, Massachusetts's Revolutionary War hero John Brooks who also served as the state's Governor from 1816 until 1823. There is "WARREN" that represents Joseph Warren who was a physician who was one of the key recruiters for the Revolutionaries and was killed at Bunker Hill. On the other side of the blade it has the banners that represent the Presidents through the one that is "J. Q. ADAMS" for John Quincy Adams who served as the 6th President from 1825 until 1829. If you notice, each side of the blade has 6 stars which could be to represent the 6th President. The sword has the heavily gold gilded brass crossguard with the shield design langets. The shield has the 4 stars at the top with the stripes on the bottom of the shields. The washer is missing which allows the blade to move from side to side. On the handle of the sword it has the original wooden core that is covered with the sharkskin cover beautifully intact. It ahs the twisted copper wire wrapping with a gorgeous tone all over. The large gold gilded brass pommel cap is intact that gives the grip the pistol style design. On the largest part of the pommel cap on each side it has the star design. The sword is accompanied by the original brass scabbard that retains a superb amount of the factory gold gilding. The scabbard has the original throat and drag intact as well as the single mount at the top with the pair of suspension rings. This is an amazing sword that is different than any other sword I've ever owned and it is a keeper! THIS ITEM IS FEATURED ON OUR SHILOHRELICS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. HERE IS A LINK SO YOU CAN SEE WHY WE THOUGHT IT WAS NEAT ENOUGH FOR A VIDEO: PRESIDENTIAL BLADE SWORD

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