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Single Shot Percussion Pistols Priced Under $700
Cased 1800's Made .31 Caliber Single Shot Pistol With Walnut Grips
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This is a neat little gun. It is an original 1800's single shot pistol. You often see these listed as being Civil War and they might be right at the end but most of them were made slightly after. They are the perfect size for being concealed in the vest or boot which is where they get two of their nicknames as boot pistols or pocket pistols. This one fires a single bullet of about .31 in caliber. It has the full length barrel that measures 3 inches in size. The action on the pistol still catches on both positions. On the handle it has the original 2-piece walnut grips present with an attractive look from being carried. The left hand side of the frame has the "691" assembly number stamped into the metal. What makes this one display so well is that it is encased in an original period walnut wood case. The case was made for something else but they trimmed out the bottom to form fit the gun. They lined the base with the red felt material. The case measures 9-3/8ths inches by 4-1/2 inches by 1-1/2 inches in overall size. It makes a very attractive display and doesn't cost a fortune.

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