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COUNTERFEIT! 1864 Dated Confederate $100 Bill With Rebel Soldiers & Lucy Pickens CT-65
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This is a cool note! This is the version that is described on page 311 of the 1996 edition of Criswell Guide to Confederate Paper Money. He explains how this one was produced in Havana Cuba to devalue the original Confederate money. This is a counterfeit copy of an original 1864 dated Confederate States of America $100 bill. It was issued from Richmond, Virginia and has the clearly printed date of February 17th 1864 along the top edge of the note. This is the version with the likeness of Lucy Pickens in the center. She is the only woman honored by appearing on Confederate currency. Mrs. Pickens' husband was an ambassador to Russia. She won the favor of the Russian Tsar that gave her many valuable jewels. When the Civil War broke out Mrs. Pickens sold those jewels to raise money for the Confederate cause. This note was one way the Confederate Government honored her as well as using her dedication to the Confederacy as an example of Southern devotion. In the lower left hand corner is the likeness of the 2 Confederate soldiers in uniform holding their muskets. This is the pattern known to collectors as CT-65 in Criswell book on Confederate Currency. Criswell states how they are more narrow than the original notes and the detail is a little blurry than the original notes. The note is beautiful and it is in beautiful almost un-circulated condition. The note comes in an acid-free holder for display and preservation. This is an attractive original 1864 dated Confederate $100 bill.

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