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Sling Style Civil War Era Woven Girth Strap for a Saddle from the Ashworth Collection
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This is a piece you seldom see offered for sale. This is the strap that goes underneath the horse for holding the saddle in place. This is a variant of the style pictured at the bottom of page 120 in Ken Knopp's book of Confederate Saddles and Horse Equipment. He refers to them as a "Sling Girth" and they are very distinctive because they are made with 2 rings instead of the usual buckles. It is 31 inches in length and is missing one of the rings. It has the body that is constructed out of a woven cloth. On each end it was designed with the iron rings intact for securing it to the saddle. If you notice, the stitching is similar to the "Bullet" pattern that was used for securing Confederate Richmond style belt buckles onto the leather belts. This piece came from the collection of the Late John Ashworth of Memphis. He amassed one of the largest collections of Civil War and earlier horse related artifacts. If your Civil War saddle doesn't have a girth strap, then this one will make a superb addition.

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