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VIRGINIA BALLOT! For the 8th United States President Martin Van Buren
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Here is a very rare original paper ballot from the 1836 campaign of Martin Van Buren who served as the eighth President of the United States (1837-1841). During this time the people voted by actually casting a ballot to show their vote. This one is for the state of Virginia. It measures 5 inches by 9 inches in overall size. It has Van Buren's name at the top along with his Vice-President Richard Johnson. Below their name it has the listing of the districts and the name of the person representing the district. As you see it is in excellent condition with the paper having aged to a pretty tan tone. Van Buren was born on December 5th 1782 in Kinderhook, New York. He was a founder of the Democratic Party and served as New York's 9th Governor. His service continued by serving as the eighth Vice President and the tenth Secretary of State, both under President Andrew Jackson. Van Buren served as President for one term but continued in politics of the Democratic Party. He supported Lincoln even though he was a Democrat and he died in July 1862, at age 79. He is buried in his hometown of Kinderhook, New York. The ballot is accompanied by an image of President Van Buren. On the back of the image it states that "THIS PORTRAIT IS SOLD BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT FOR 10 CENTS AND IS NOT TO BE RESOLD FOR A LARGER SUM". You get the Virginia ballot as well as this Government image of the President for $495.

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