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Lincoln's V.P. Autograph of President Andrew Johnson as Governor of Tennessee
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Here is a cool letter document from before the Civil War autographed by Andrew Johnson while he was serving as Governor of Tennessee. The document is pre-printed on blue paper with the blanks filled in nicely with fine brown ink. It even has the applied Tennessee great seal on the left hand side. The document is signed by beautifully signed "Andrew Johnson" and appointed Richard Brenan a commissioner of Tennessee, in and for the State of Louisiana. Andrew Johnson served in the House of Representatives from 1843 to 1852, was Governor of Tennessee (1853-1857); was appointed Military Governor of Tennessee (1862-1865); and was in the Senate (1875) after serving as Vice President and President.The document is from Nashville, Tennessee and is dated June 15th 1854. It measures 7-3/4ths inches by 9-3/4ths inches in overall size. This is s great piece of history from Tennessee autographed by the future President of the United States that took over after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

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