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Authentic Reunion Items From Confederate Civil War Veterans
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SOUTHERN POEM! 1864 Confederate $5 With Secretary Memminger
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This is a nice authentic original Confederate States of America $5.00 bill issued in 1864. This is the style that has the Confederate Capitol at Richmond, Virginia in the center of the note. In the lower right hand side is the likeness of C.G. Memminger who served as the Confederate Secretary of the Treasury and was the key man in production of Confederate paper money. It has the February 17th 1864 issue date printed on the note as well as the capitol of Richmond marking. The note is correctly hand signed and numbered. This is the pattern known to collectors as T-69 in Criswell book on Confederate Currency. The note was printed by Keatinge & Ball of Columbia, South Carolina. What makes this one extra special is what is printed on he back of the note. It has the famous poem that was found written on the back of a Confederate note in 1865. They printed the poem on the back of the original $5 note for the Knight's Templar event in San Francisco in 1904 and is so marked along the bottom of the note. It states "Representing nothing on God's earth now,
And naught in the waters below it,
As the pledge of a nation that's dead and gone,
Keep it, dear friends, and show it.

Show it to those who will lend an ear
To the tale that this trifle can tell,
Of a liberty born of a patriot's dream,
Of a storm-cradled nation that fell.

Too poor to possess the precious ores,
And too much of a stranger to borrow,
We issued today our promise to pay
And hoped to redeem on the morrow.

The days rolled by and the weeks became years,
But our coffers were empty still.
Coin was so rare that the treasury'd quake
If a dollar dropped into the till.

But the faith that was in us was strong indeed,
And our poverty well we discerned,
And this little note represented the pay
That our suffering veterans earned.

They knew it had hardly a value in gold,
Yet as gold each soldier received it.
It gazed in our eyes with a promise to pay,
And every true soldier believed it.

But our boys thought little of price or of pay,
Or of bills that were long past due;
We knew if it brought us our bread today,
'Twas the best our poor country could do.

Keep it; it tells all our history over,
From the birth of the dream to its last:
Modest and born of the Angel of Hope,
Like our hope of success it has passed." The note has been graded by the PCGS firm and they rated it as "Good". It comes in their acid free holder for preservation and display.

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