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Medical Kit Receipt of Dr. Cromwell Johnson Who Served in the 5th Pennsylvania
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Here is a paper document from surgeon Cromwell Orrick Johnson. Instead of enlisting in the war immediately, the young Cromwell Johnson finished his studies. He began his post-secondary career at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, and after graduating, he served as principal for the Louisiana Institute in Missouri for two years. Johnson began studying medicine at the Medical University in New York. He took spurious notes in school and kept a daily journal from the last years of his teens until his graduation in 1863. Graduating in the spring of 1863, Johnson used his medical training on the battlefield. He enlisted as an assistant surgeon of the 5th Pennsylvania Reserves, also known as the 34th Pennsylvania, on March 9, 1863, and attempted to heal wounded men at the Battle of Gettysburg. Hand disease forced him to resign on September 29, 1863, but he returned to service with the Minnesota Cavalry in Brackett's Battalion on March 19, 1864 to fight against American Indian uprisings. He died before reaching the age of 30 at Bloody Run on December 21, 1864. This is the paper where he received the medical items for use in his service. It is hand written on OCtober 14th 1864 when he received some instruments from the Hospital Stores by the Surgeon of the 6th Iowa Cavalry, Jacob H. Camburn. It states that he took soem tooth extractors a pocket case, leather bucket and a "cat wooden". The document measures 7-3/4ths inches by 9-3/4ths inches. A cool pieces of history to show with your medical pieces.

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