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Recapture of Fort Sumter! 1863 Dated Letter with Autograph of Rear Admiral John Dahlgren
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Here is a beautifully written letter from the Civil War with a vividly clear autograph of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren Letter .This letter is about the recapture of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. The letter is three pages of writing on one large folded page. The overall size measures 7-3/4ths inches by 9-3/4ths inches. It has the bold heading from "Flag Steamer 'Philadelphia', off Charleston", South Carolina and is dated November 10, 1863. The letter is addressed to an unknown recipient but the content is well known. It is concerning his commitment to capturing Fort Sumter and Charleston, while also dispelling any rumors that he might want to give up the endeavor. The letter reads in full: "I am exceedingly obliged for your kind note of 28 from Syracuse. Several of mine have gone to you at 5th Avenue Hotel which have no doubt reached you. Things are going quietly here except the final demolition [of] Sumter which the Shore batteries have been pegging at since 26 Oct: and to which [I] joined two Monitors with Rifled Cannon. It is now battered out of all shape, and is certainly no fort, but only a huge mass of ruin; Yet it gives shelter to the enemy & flaunts his rag, which is shot away repeatedly. You may depend on it, I will never give up Charleston, so long as it pleases the Navy Dept. and I know that my friend the Secretary has faith in me yet. My wish is, when I do go in to do my work thoroughly, and no man in the country will be more disappointed than myself if this does not come to pass before Christmas. Meanwhile I must bear foolish slanders as well as I can. Your brother's business has not escaped me, but it is a specialty of the Provision Dept and your brother had made an arrangement with the Paymaster before I knew of it. Lee is not one of the wisest men in the world, but I will try to assist him in this troubles. He sub-let and his lessee, neglected the work. The matter is now in the Bureau of Yards, it is most important to the Gov. Nothing would please me more than to see you here and to land you safely on the wharf at Charleston. You may be assured that I have never for an instant relaxed in my confidence or determination to get there - never, never - I have been [illegible] by delays I could not avoid, have labored day & night, have watched in a boat all night to keep an assault straight, when I was so sick as hardly to be able to walk across my cabin. But I have never felt like backing out for one instant. Only give me the tools." He signs it in ink "J A Dahlgren". It is a great glimpse into the importance of retaking the Fort that "started" the Civil War. The letter is accompanied by a modern made xerox image of the Admiral in Uniform.

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