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Authentic Carbines
Wonderful Untouched Enfield Style Lockplate Designed French Carbine
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This is a very cool looking gun! This is a gun that is patterned after the French style carbine. It fires a .58 caliber bullet from the full-length 24 inch barrel. It still has a fine amount of the original rifling still visible. On the right hand side of the barrel it has the lug where a saber style bayonet could be used with the gun. At the breech of the barrel it has the traces of the oval style stamping that lets us know it was made in Belgium. On the side of the bolster it has the "A.E." stamping. These letters are stamped on numerous other parts including the lockplate. These are the marking of the French Maker Andrew Francotte. Below the marking on the lockplate, it has the 1865 production date. It has the original rear sight intact with both of the leafs intact. The gun has the 2 large original sling swivels as well as the small one on the front of the triggerguard bow. The lockplate catches crisply on both of the positions. The gun has the stock that has the single piece construction. It has a fine grain like a beautiful piece of furniture. These guns utilize a brass buttplate, triggerguard and single barrel band. This gun was part of a collection that we acquired in Kentucky. It has been hanging on the wall up there since the early 1960's and it has a wonderful untouched look all over.

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