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Three Documents From Savage & Hotchkiss Discussing Military Rifle Manufacture
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Here are three cool documents about weapon manufacture. These three documents are hand written notes about the the planning of Government contracts about gun production. The first one is dated September 10th 1861 and is about the delivery of "...up to 25,000 in two years". He states they hope to make them payable upon delivery with no commissions with a price of $20 a gun. It is signed by Julius Hotchkiss and Edward Savage with the Middletown, Connecticut location. The second document discusses the delivery of 25,000 Maynard Rifles and they discuss how they can produce them. They state that they have the machinery that the 1842 Military Pistols by Johnson were made on. They also note that they have the men employed that made the Maynard Rifles at Chicopee. The third document is a statement agreeing to "...furnish the Gov't 25,000 Springfield Muskets" and states that they are to made under the same conditions as the previous contracts made with Colt, Whitney and other contractors. This is a cool glimpse into the planning of arming the Union Army in the early days of the Civil War. You get all three of the documents for $395.00.

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