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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Under $750
Edged Weapons
Horstmann Made Knight's Pommel Sword with Etched Blade
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Here is a very neat sword for the price. This is a militia officer's sword from the 1850's. It is the version that is known as a knight's pommel because of the design of the brass pommel that holds the sword together. This one has the brass crossguard with the shield design on each side. The original handle of the sword was likely made of bone or ivory which must have broken and has been replaced with a simple brass tube. It is priced accordingly. The blade is full-length at 24-3/4ths inches. You can still see some of the floral etching on each side. At the base of one side of the blade, it has the desirable American maker marking of the Philadelphia firm of Horstmann. This is a neat sword for less that the price of a U.S. belt buckle.

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