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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
RARE MAKER! Model 1857 Style .69 Caliber Round Ball Bullet Cartridge Box
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Here is an original Civil War soldier's cartridge box from a scarce maker. What is cool about this box is that it is the version that is officially known as the model 1857 musket cartridge box that was made for the "round ball" cartridges. This means it would've been used to carry the cartridges for the smoothbore .69 caliber muskets used by the soldiers. The outer flap was made without a cartridge box plate. The box has a well worn but good look all over. It is missing the original closure tab but still has the brass finial on the bottom of the cartridge box. The final is separated but present. On the bottom of the box it is missing both of the original roller buckles. When you open the outer flap you are greeted by the inner flap as well as the implement pouch inside. What makes this box special is the maker marking that is stamped into the leather on the inner flap. It reads "W.J. ASCHENBACK MAKER". William John Aschenbach was located in Newark, New Jersey. In our 28+ years we have never been able to offer one of these boxes before. When you open up the inner flap you see both of the original cartridge tins have been replaced with modern made reproductions. This is the compartment that would've actually held the cartridges in place for the soldier. On the back of the box it has all 4 of the original loops still intact. These boxes were designed so they could be used with the shoulder strap and also worn on the belt, whichever way the soldier preferred. This is a very nice original cartridge box for the 69 caliber smoothbore muskets with a rare maker marking.

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