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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Very Rare "COLTS PATENT" .36 Bullet Mold for a Colt Brevette
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Here is a scarce piece! When you look at it, your first thought is that it is a standard English style bullet mold but there are several important differences. The side of the mold has the first and most obvious clue. It has the remnants of the coveted "COLTS PATENT" stamping still visible. It also has the serial number of the gun that it was originally paired with "4,212". These molds are described on page 149 of the book entitled, The History and Identification of Colt Accoutrements 1834-1911, by Robin J. Rapley. When they sold the guns in Europe that were licensed Colt Copies, or Brevetes, they used the molds that they had on hand and made them to look more like the Colt produced accessories. This one was made for a .36 caliber Colt which was also known as the "Navy" model revolver. It was designed to make a round ball and a conical round. This one has had the conical round cavity rebored to make a .38 caliber bullet and it is priced accordingly. This is a good looking and scarce original bullet mold.

Item #: A2675
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