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Single Shot Percussion Pistols
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Gold Banded Barrel .58 Caliber Signle Shot with Spur Style Triggerguard
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This is one of those guns that I wish could talk. This is an original early 1800s single shot pistol that was likely made in Europe. It has the full-length barrel that measures 6 inches in overall length and fires a massive .58 caliber bullet. The barrel still has traces of the original Damascus pattern finish and you know that it is one of the high-quality versions because at the breech, it has the single inlaid gold band made of actual gold. When this gun was originally made, it would have been produced as a flintlock and was converted to percussion later on. You can see traces of the makers are retailer's marking on the lock plate, but you can't quite make it out. The gun has the large oversized trigger guard with the pineapple style finial and also has the spur style, trigger guard design. It has the original 1 piece furniture grade wood grip intact. The grip was hand checkered at the factory. In the channel underneath the barrel it has the original full-length ramrod intact. This is a wonderful looking gun with the gold inlay on the barrel.

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