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Non-Excavated Confederate Buttons from the Central Government
Non-Excavated Confederate Sciprt Style Artillery Made by Isaacs CS107
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This is a great looking button that you can tell saw service. It is the Confederate coat size "Script" artillery button. This is the pattern listed as figure CS107 in Albert's button book and CSA215a1 in Tice's button book. On the face of the button it has the beautiful script style "A" which denotes the Artillery branch of Confederate service. Many of these were never worn but you can tell by the honest wear to the face of this one that it was actually on a Rebel's coat at one time. When they excavated the Confederate submarine the C.S.S. Hunley they found a couple of the soldiers inside were wearing this pattern of button. The original back and shank are securely intact. It is made without a maker's mark so the retailer could sell the button without advertising for the actual maker. This unmarked version is tougher to find than the backmarked versions. English maker, Smith, Kemp & Wright made these buttons for the Confederacy and imported them through the blockade. This one is a great looking button that anyone would be proud to own.

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