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Original and Reproduction Tool and Worm Implements for Civil War Firearms
Tough to Find Screwdriver Tool For the French & Belgian Muskets
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This is a very nice original gun tool for the Civil War era French & Belgian manufactured muskets. This is the style that is illustrated on the bottom of page 93 of the gun tool book by Dorsey, Rutledge & Shaffer. They state that they were used on several different weapons including the Belgian Cavalry pistols of the model 1816/22 and its percussion conversion. They were also used with the Model 1841 rifles and the Model 1848 Carbine (System Thouvenin). They were issued in "sets: because a handle was needed to put enough torque on the blade when it was used. This one is in superb shape and has the traces of the inspector initials on the side. '

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