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Authentic Civil War Bullets and Cartridge in Non-Excavated Condition
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Original Rollin Primers for Firearms from the 1858 Patent
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Here is a great little group of firearms history artifacts. We recently acquired some of the original patent pieces for firearms patents. One is this small group of pieces that are easy to ignore, that is until you understand what they are. These small Brown cylinder shaped pieces are some of the original pieces used by D.G. Rollin to acquire his patent in 1858 for firearms primers. The small pieces measure only a quarter of an inch to 3/8 of an inch in overall size. This patent was acquired on April 27, 1858 as is noted on the tag. They come nicely displayed in a 4 x 5" Riker style display box. They are also accompanied by a printed copy of the patent and the drawing that he submitted. Here is a link to the Google information on the patent, . What a great little piece of firearms history.

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