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Single Shot Percussion Pistols
Gorgeous Matching Set of .56 Caliber Single Shot Belgium Made Pistol
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Here is a beautifully made matching set of Civil War era single shot pistols. These fire a bullet of about .56 caliber from the end of the 6-1/2 inch barrels. The barrels still have the attractive untouched color on the metal. The metal of the barrels have the Damascus pattern design still clearly visible. Each one has the original blade style front sight intact on the barrel. On the top side of the barrel breech they have the clear Belgium style proof mark still visible. They left the rest of the gun unmarked so it could be sold by any retailer without advertising for the actual maker. The action of the locks work crisply on all positions. When these guns left the factory, they would've originally been a flintlock pistol. They were converted to percussion later on, probably circa 1850. The hammers and locks still have some of the case colors underneath the patina. The stock of the guns are a beautiful lighter tone piece of wood with the ornate hand checkering to the grip. On the bottom of the grip it has the iron cap present and accounted for. The grip cap as well as the trigger guard have the ornate engraving designs in the metal. The original period wooden ramrod is in the channel underneath the barrels. This gun is a wonderful looking matching pair Civil War era weapons.

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