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Authentic Soldier's Uniforms
Scarce Civil War Artillery Musician's Shell Jacket Uniform
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This is a great looking piece! This is an original Civil War musician's uniform. It is officially known as the U.S. Model 1854 Light Artillery Musician's Jacket. The coat is the dark blue with the red trim that lets us know it was designed for the artillery branch of service. This particular coat is the classic Schuylkill Arsenal produced "Shell" jacket trimmed in a scarlet colored wool worsted tape consisting of thirteen bars equally applied to both of the breast panels in a "Cage" pattern design. This cage pattern superseded the solid colored plastron breast designation of the 1851 regulations. This particular specimen, being a Schuylkill Arsenal product, is thoroughly hand sewn, and is arsenal marked in the upper right sleeve with the number 1 located over the capital letters of SA and a one dot size marking. One thing that is interesting about the coat is the marking of the marking that is stamped in ink "U.C.I. Size 38". This mark lets us know that this coat has had 2 lives. When the Civil War ended, this coat would have went into military surplus where they were sold to many different buyers. This one went to "Universal Costume Incorporated". Many of these original Civil War coats were bought by the early filmmakers and many of the early movies have actors wearing original uniforms. It was cheaper for the studios to but original surplus coats than have them made from scratch. It makes you wonder if this si one of the original coats that were worn in the movies or just on stage. This is a Very Cool thing to show your friends. The body of this jacket is composed of four separate panels and two piece sleeves of a fine textured deep blue broadcloth wool. Body lining consists of five separate panels of a light brown twilled woven mixture of wool and cotton, described in the 19th century as "jean cloth". This one displays very well. The coat body is sound and with just a couple of small seam separations. All original 20 small size Eagle buttons are still present and they have the unadorned shield design that let us know it was worn by an enlistedman instead of an officer. The buttons have the unmarked brass backs. Both belt pillows are intact on the back of the coat as well. These were used to hold up the soldier's belt around his waist.

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