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Non-Dug Items Used by Soldiers and on the Homefront
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Fantastic Elmer Ellsworth Stonewae Pitcher Like I Featured on Antiques Roadshow
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Here is an amazing piece! This is an original Civil War molded stoneware pitcher illustrating the shooting of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth (1837-1861), the first conspicuous casualty of the Civil War, at Alexandria, VA, made by Millington, Astbury, and Poulson, Trenton, NJ, although the base lacks their signature, it is believed that they were made circa 1861. A baluster form pitcher with spurred handle, molded in relief on one side with a dramatic depiction of "Col. Ellsworth," who lies dead at the bottom of the stairwell, while three soldiers, one identified as "F.E. Brownell," struggle to fight the man who shot Ellsworth in the chest, identified as "J.W. Jackson / The Traitor" on the pitcher. Brownell, the soldier shown bayoneting Jackson, was credited with killing the "traitor," and later received the Medal of Honor for his actions. The reverse side is imprinted with the phrase "Union and the Constitution," and features a molded relief of an American Eagle with snake in beak perched above a fallen Confederate Flag, with an American Flag flying at right above a gathering of rifles. Approx. 8 in. at widest point, 8.5 in. tall. This is believed to be the first commemorative pitcher made by a US potter. They were produced in a couple of different variations. This is the style that is made in white and glazed. They also made one with multiple colors. Back in 2019, I filmed a segment for Antiques Roadshow on one with the multiple colors and here is the link and just click on it to direct you to the video, Ellsworth Pitcher . This is a wonderful piece of history!

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