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Authentic Pieces of Confederate Currency
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RARE Montgomery Issued 1861 $1000 Savings Bond With Jefferson Davis
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This is one of the coolest of the Confederate States of American Savings bonds. This is the early pattern of savings bond that was issued while the government was still in Montgomery, Alabama. There were only a handful of the bonds issued before the capitol moved to Richmond. This is the $1,000 denomination. It has the image in the center of the top shows the pre-war image of the new Confederate President Jefferson Davis. It has the printed serial number of 315 on each side of his image. The center of the bond has the conditions of the bond payment written out as well as the name of who it was issued to. It has the red ink "100" large overprint in the center. It is correctly hand signed in fine old ink and is hand dated from May 10th 1861. On the back of the bond it has the red printing where the bond could be transferred. These bonds often bring over $1500 but we got a good buy on this one and though we would pass it along. Own one of the first pieces of Confederate history for $1150.

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