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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Rarity 10 out of 10! Confederate 3.3 Inch Rebel James Bolt From the Whitham Collection
Item #: A6968
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This is one of the rarest and most desired of all Civil War cannon projectiles. This is the 100% purely Confederate solid projectile for the 3.3 inch bore diameter rifled cannon. Known to collectors as the "Confederate James”, this bolt is designed similar to the famous shells patented by James for the U.S. Government. This pattern is illustrated on page 183 of the 1993 edition of the artillery book by Dickey & George. He lists it as a rarity of 10 out of 10 which is as scarce as they come. When it was fired it threw off the lead sabot as well as the lower portion of the base itself. The base has a portion of the "bird cage” ribs on the lower portion. These rare projectiles have only been recovered in a small handful of locations, one of which was Shiloh. This one has the look of a Shiloh shell from the patina of the iron. If it is there were only 2 batteries that had the rare 3.3 inch Confederate rifled cannon that could have fired it. They were the 5th Company of the Washington Artillery and Watson’s Louisiana Flying Artillery. This one was part of the personal collection of George F. Whitham. He is the man that wrote the book entitled Shiloh, Shells an Artillery Units. In 1980 he printed 1,000 of these books. This is the exact projectile that was used by him for the illustration on page 108. He found this one in the 1960's in the Shiloh Area. It may be very long times before you get a chance at another one of these Confederate James bolts so don’t miss this piece of history.


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