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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Rare "Burnside" Plate Civil War .58 Cartridge Box With Shoulder Sling
Item #: A6382
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This is a very attractive displaying original Civil War soldier's cartridge box and sling. This is the classic .58 caliber cartridge box that was a mainstay for the Union army throughout the Civil War. This one has the "US" cartridge boxplate present on the outer flap of the box with a beautiful look that can be seen from a mile away. When you open up the flap you are greeted by the original implement pouch as well as the original inner flap. You can still see the correct Civil War maker's mark of J.E. Condict of New York City. It is missing the original tins from the innermost compartment. It has the original closure tab and finial present as well as one of the roller buckles on the bottom of the box. It has all of the strap loops on the back. It has the original leather shoulder sling present. If you notice, the border of the outer flap as well as the shoulder sling have the extra hand tool work. This lets us know that they have been together forever. The strap has been removed from the box because of the separation from one of the buckles but it still displays well together and it is priced accordingly. On the strap it has the beautiful original eagle breastplate still intact and it has a wonderful look. What is special is the style of eagle plate that is on the strap. This is the pattern that is illustrated as figure #448 of the O'Donnell and Campbell buckle book. It is the version known to collectors as the "Burnside" pattern eagle plate. They get their name because most of the excavated examples were found in the area of the 9th Corps Campsites that served under General Burnside. They look just like a standard eagle breastplate except they are small in diameter. They measures 59mm across where most of the standard eagle plates are about 64mm across. In today's world a non-excavated Burnside eagle breastplate like this can easily bring $400 by itself. This is a nice looking Civil War cartridge box and sling that is a definite Civil War production and you get the Burnside plate as a bonus.

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
$895.00 USD

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