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Very Scarce San Francisco, California 1864 Election Lincoln-Johnson Ballot
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This is a tougher to find version of presidential ballot. It is an impressive original 1864 presidential ballot for the campaign of President Abraham Lincoln. The presidential election of 1864 is the election that solidified Abraham Lincoln as the leader and future legend of the Union. This original ballot is the size that measures 3 inches by 7-3/8ths inches in size. This one is printed on the white paper that has turned to a beautiful milky color over the years. Across the top of the ballot IT has the Union eagle and proudly reads "UNION TICKET". Then it has both of the names of Lincoln and Johnson. At the bottom it has the list of the electors that would represent the presidential ticket of Lincoln and Johnson. This one is special because it is one of the rare ballots from the state of California. At that time California was a state with a very small population therefore not many ballots were cast. This one is from San Francisco and notes who they were supporting for Congress. One thing that makes this ballot extra special is what is printed on the back of the paper. It has shows the battle between the CSS Alabama and the USS Kearsarge. This naval battle was a huge success for Lincoln and the Union. This was where the Confederate ship commanded by the Admiral Raphael Semmes was defeated by the USS Kearsarge. This is a very fine original 1864 Lincoln Campaign Ballot for the ticket of Lincoln & Johnson from California!

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