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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
Superb Beaumount Adams 54 Bore Revolver with RARE Rigby Barrel Marking
Item #: A3518
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This gun is an amazing piece! What a beautiful gun! This a model 1854 Beaumont Adams Revolver is in great condition. The gun is a 54 bore (.442 caliber) revolver with a 5-shot cylinder with the serial number 25,216 R engraved on both the frame and cylinder. The gun is one of the revolvers produced by the London Armoury Company during Adams’ tenure there. The London Armoury logo of an (CROWN) / LA / C (within a shield) is clearly stamped on the obverse of the barrel lug, forward and below of the cylinder. While it is difficult to date Adams revolvers from their serial numbers the way you can with Colt revolvers, it is safe to assume that this revolver was probably produced in the years immediately leading up to the American Civil War, likely circa 1858-1859. The M-1854 frame improvements were not put into production until February of 1855, and London Armoury production started somewhere in the low 17,000 serial number range in late 1856 or early 1857, continuing through about 1859. The R-suffix to the serial number indicates manufacture by Adams, although in this case Adams was employed by the London Armoury Company. The gun also bears a B-prefix serial number, which was applied to the revolvers from the beginning of Beaumont-Adams production through sometime in 1862. These "B-numbers” were patent royalty tracking numbers, in reference to Beaumont’s lockwork patent, and helped insure Beaumont was paid the appropriate patent royalties for the use of his design. On this revolver that number is B 9546. The top of the frame is crisply engraved "WILM & JOHN RIGBY DUBLIN". The firm of John Rigby & Company was established in Dublin, Ireland in 1775. In 1816 the "second” John Rigby joined the firm and in 1818 the company was known as William & John Rigby, with that branch of the business remaining in Dublin until 1892. At that time Truelock & Harris acquired the Irish portion of the business, which subsequently closed its doors in 1897. In 1851 John Rigby III displayed much of his work at the Great Exhibition in London and in 1858 began collaborations with Joseph Needham in the design of self-contained cartridge firearms. It would be John Rigby III who would be responsible for the world-renowned fame of the Rigby name when associated with firearms. In 1866 John Rigby III established John Rigby & Company at 72 St. James Street in London. SO we know with this marking it was made before 1866. The obverse frame is engraved in two lines below the cylinder: B 12632 over ADAMS’ PATENT No 25,216 R. The cylinder bears the matching serial number 25,216 / R. The cylinder has the expected London commercial proof marks between the chambers and the barrel has a pair of London proofs on the upper left angled flat. The barrel is 5 ¾” in length and is rifled with three wide grooves, roughly twice the width of the lands. The bore rates about FINE+ and is bright and shiny with only some very lightly scattered fine pitting and pinpricking along its length. As previously noted, the gun is in about VERY FINE overall condition, and retains much of its original finish. The barrel retains about 75%+ of the original bright polished blue, and the frame retains about 65%+ of its original finish. The cylinder retains about 65%+of its original blued finish as well. Most of the areas where the finish has worn or faded have developed a mostly smooth plum-brown patina, with traces of pewter gray.The gun retains its original Kerr’s patent loading lever. The lever is unmarked on the obverse and bears only the assembly number 12872 on its reverse. This same assembly number is present inside the triggerguard and on the rear face of the cylinder. The lever retains about 50%+ of its original blued finish as well. The lever is fully functional, operating smoothly and locking securely into place when not in use. The action of the revolver works perfectly in both single and double action modes, and is mechanically excellent. The cylinder times, indexes and locks up exactly as it should in both modes of operation. The hammer is finished in the white and has a smoky grayish brown patina, with some flecks of light surface oxidation present. The iron trigger guard retains traces of its original blue, which has faded and dulled, the result of handling and use, mixed with a dull steel gray patina. The iron butt cap has a pleasing look. The original M-1854 patent sliding safety is present on the right side of the frame and functions exactly as it should. It retains much of its original brilliant bluish-purple fire blued finish. The original M-1854 cylinder arbor retaining wing nut is in place on the right side of the frame and functions correctly as well. This delicate piece is often broken or missing, so it is nice to find it in complete, functional condition. The revolver has a unique long range, folding ladder rear sight mounted on the topstrap at the rear of the frame. The sight is not graduated and no elevating slider is present. I can only assume that Rigby expected the owner to regulate the sight based upon the loads used with it. We only know of one other example of a long-range sighted Adams like this, and it is in the collection of a renowned British arms historian, researcher and author. The checkered one-piece walnut grip is in FINE condition as well, This is a gorgeous gun from all angles.

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
$2,950.00 USD

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