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Beautiful Original 1872 Style Shako Military Hat for the Artillery Branch
Item #: A3098
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This is a very nice display piece for the price. It is the U.S. military hat of the style that was popular with the local and state militia during the 1870's and 18880's. This is the classic style for the early Indian War era and is the style known as the 1872 style. As you can see it displays quite well. It has the tarred leather top with the body that is felt covered and is still in fine shape. On the front of the hat it has the large insignia that denotes it being from a member of the artillery branch of service. It has the cross cannon design. It has an original red color pom-pom that enhances the display. On the sides it still retains the insignia with the cross cannon design so you know it was for the artillery. The original brim is present and in beautiful condition. When you turn the hat over you see the original drawstring sweatband remaining. It also has the name of the owner "SCHWACK" in fine old ink. This is a fine looking display piece for your relic room.


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