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Fine Framed Autographed Letter From Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard
Item #: A1890
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This is an authentic letter with a beautiful signature of Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard (1818-1893). It is a nice clearly written letter on paper that measures 8 inches by 5 inches. It has a Xerox of the front of the letter so you can see both sides. The overall size of the frame measures 21 inches by 29-1/2 inches. The letter is written on June 13th 1891 from New Orleans and it is so marked across the top. He is writing to a "Miss Orcutt,"She had evidently asked him about his thoughts on General Robert E. Lee's movements on the Potomac. He tell her that there is no complete history that was written but mentions a few books she could refer to. He says that He has no positive answer to her question but that "... I suppose it was principally "to carry the War into Africa" I.E. to make the one may feel the effects, at home, of a War." He is referencing how the Union had never felt the War on their home soil until Lee ventured North in 1863. It has a modern copy of an image of the General in uniform and also a card stating some of the positions that he held. He signs the letter "I remain yours very truly, G.T. Beauregard." Beauregard had one of the most flamboyant signatures of any Confederate general and this card is a perfect example of that style. He graduated second in his class at West Point. Beauregard was in command at Charleston, South Carolina and organized the destruction of Fort Sumter. He was also at the Battle of Shiloh and took command of the army after Albert Sidney Johnston died. It is a fine original signature on a letter that will make a solid addition to any Confederate Civil War collection and is ready to hang on your wall and enjoy.


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