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BERDAN SHARPSHOOTERS! Original Letter Instructing Berdan To Start Instruction!
Item #: A1655
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Here is one of the most amazing pieces of Civil War history that we have been able to offer. This is an original letter dated June 14th 1861. It was written from Schuyler Hamilton informing Hiram Berdan that President Abraham Lincoln was impressed with him and that the President could use Berdan's instruction to the Sharpshooters. Hamilton writes " The General in Chief, under the reference to him of the subject of Shard Shooters, by His Excellency the President & Hon. Secretary of War, as set forth in your letter of June 13th 1861, desires me to say he was very favorably impressed with you personally. That a regiment of such Sharp Shooters as are proposed by you & instructed according top your system would be of great value and could be advantageously employed by him in the public service." So that makes this THE letter that let Berdan know that the President wanted him to serve his country. That makes this the letter that helped to form the most famous of all Civil War Sharpshooter organizations. The letter itself measures 5-1/4th inches by 7-3/8ths inches in overall size. The document is accompanied by a typed transcript as well as modern Xerox copies of images of Colonel Berdan as well as Lincoln and Hamilton. This is you chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of history from Berdan's Sharpshooters.

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