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Non-Dug artifacts From The Civil War Era
Misc. Non-Excavated
Wonderful Original Civil War 34 Star Flag 1861 Till July 1863
Item #: A1068
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What a great piece for your office or relic room wall(if your wall is big enough). It is an original cloth flag from the Civil War. This is the stars and stripes that has the 34 star configuration. This Flag became the Official United States Flag on July 4th, 1861. A star was added for the admission of Kansas (January 29th, 1861) and was to last for 2 years. The only President to serve under this flag was Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865). This is the flag that the majority of the Civil War was fought under. This one is one of the large size flags that measures approximately 77 inches by 157 inches in overall size. The blue field is the version that has the trimmed out areas to allow the stars to be seen from both sides. On the edge of the flag it has the two hand sewn reinforced with grommets that allowed it to be flow. With the wear that you can see we know that this flag was actually flown. One thing that makes this one extra special is that this thirty-four-star flag has "Fair Oaks, VA." in the center of the flag. It has the red and white hand-sewn wool bunting stripes, with inset blue twilled woolen cloth letters which read "FAIR OAKS, VA.". It has the blue hand-sewn canton with thirty-four white cotton stars. On the linen hoist it is marked "G.W. GERAU SAILMAKER". This flag was once part of the impressive collection of the Valley Forge Historical Society. Accompanying the flag is a copy of the original donation note which reads: "Rev. Mr. Burk/Yours of the 11th rec'd./I will send flag. As I wrote you/that my late Husband had the/flag made on his return home/wounded from Fair Oaks Va, we/had a great time one day, the day/that flag was raised and how we/enjoyed seeing it-blow out-thus/showing the lettering." It also goes on to state his service as a first lieutenant in the 61st Regiment New Jersey Volunteers, also the 22nd United States Colored Troops, acting assistant inspector general of the colored brigade, and a first lieutenant in the Veteran Reserve Corps. It is a flag that any collector would appreciate and be proud to have in their collection.

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