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Authentic Civil War Era Cartridge Boxes
SCARCE 60-Round Mann's Patent Cartridge Box From Baker & McKinney
Item #: A81
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This is one of the rarest cartridge boxes you’ll get a chance at. This is the scarce 60 round version of the Mann’s patent cartridge box. Most of these boxes that you encounter were designed to hold 40 rounds, but this is the scarce larger size that was designed to hold 60 rounds. They were designed by Colonel William Mann of the 7th Michigan Cavalry. He wanted to design a cartridge box that went in front of the soldier rather than dangling by his side by the usual shoulder strap. In addition from this type of position for carrying the tin on the inside has a tray that slides up to make the cartridge easier to get to, a great addition to the design. This one is missing has the original tray as you can see as is the inside liner tin. The outer flap of this box is the one that is made without the mark of "US” and the wording around the "US” reads "COL. MANN’S PATENT REISSUE JUNE 7TH 1864” and "E. GAYLORD MAKER CHICOPEE, MASS.” Emerson Gaylord manufactured the vast majority of these cartridge boxes, but this one was made by the New York firm of Baker and McKinney. We have had other cartridge boxes that they produced. But this is the 1st one of the Mann's patent that we have ever encounter. And we have been unable to locate any others. That makes this one very scarce cartridge box. Underneath the outer flap you see in the circular stamp with the New York City production location as well as the maker Mark of "BAKER & MCKINNEY." These boxes were so unique that of the few regiments that were equipped with them. After one battle they were able to distinguish the dead men of the regiment because only they had the Mann’s boxes on. This box is in nice condition all over as you can see but there is some wear from use. On the bottom of the box it has the original brass finial intact with half of the closure tab still remaining. If you can find an old copy of the 2001 North South Trader Magazine article it tells some of the history of this truly revolutionary designed cartridge box. This is a fantastic piece that is one of the scarcest of all Civil War cartridge boxes.

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