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Original Civil War Cannon
1862 Dated Parrott Rifled Cannon From the Mullinax & Hank Jr. Collection
Item #: L4932
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Here is a wonderful Civil War production rifled cannon. This is the version of rifled cannon that is referred to by collectors as a 10 pound Parrott rifle cannon. These were patented by Robert P. Parrott and it is marked with his initials on the right trunnion. The right trunnion also has the "W.P.F." marking from the famous West Point Foundry in West Point New York. On the left trunnion it has the production date of 1862. On the top of the barrel it has the large "US" stamping letting us know that it was issued for United States government use. These iron rifled cannon became the mainstay for the Union artillery during the American Civil War. On the back of the breech face it has the stamped weight of 916 pounds along with "PATENTED 1861."This is the earlier pattern of Parrott rifle cannon. They are easily distinguished by its swelled muzzle. The later model has a smooth barrel muzzle. This one spent several years in the collection of Steve Mullinax, the author of the book on Confederate belt buckles and plates. It was sold in the 1990s by Gary Hendershot who stated that the cannon was discovered in an area near the Gettysburg battlefield. Mr. Hendershot sold the gun to Civil War collector and country music legend, Hank Williams Jr. It has been in Hank's private collection ever sense and this is the first time it has been offered for sale. The gun is accompanied by some of Robert Parrott's pre-Civil War documents including one signed by John C Calhoun. There is also a photograph of the cannon sitting in front of a Confederate cabin that was owned by Steve Mullinax. When I visited Steve's home the cannon was one of the pieces he was most proud of. This is your chance to add an amazing piece of history to your collection.

Shipping Weight: 1500 lbs
$95,000.00 USD

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