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Uniform Buttons of the U.S. Artillery & Navy Branches in Non-Excavated Condition

These are artifacts that are superior in Condition, Rarity or Both. They are pieces for the discerning collector.
Pristine Steele & Johnson Made Cuff Size Civil War Revenue Cutter FD8
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This is a beautifully designed cuff size uniform button. This is the style known to collectors as the "Revenue Cutter" button. The Revenue Marine was established by Congress in 1790 to help prevent smuggling. In 1863 the name of the organization was changed to the Revenue Cutter Service. This group grew into what we now know as the Coast Guard that was named as such in 1915. This button pattern is listed as FD8av in Albert's button book and also as RM221as in Tice's button book. This one is in superb condition. It has 100% of the original gold gilding on the face of the button. The face of the button has a shield with balanced scales above a chevron. Below the chevron it has a key design. Above the shield it has the anchor design. The back of the button has the correct Civil War generic mark of "EXTRA QUALITY". This mark style was used the famous firm of Steele 7 Johnson for retailer's that could sell them without advertising for the actual maker. This is a fantastic 15mm cuff button all the way around and will be nice enough for nay collection.

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