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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets of less than .58 Caliber
US Model 1885 Bayonet & Scabbard For the Indian War Era Springfield Trapdoor Rifle
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This is an original bayonet & scabbard for the famous Trapdoor rifle. The bayonet is full-length with a dark tone blade. The original socket is intact with the original lock ring as well. It has the leather and brass and iron scabbard that fits the socket bayonet for the .45-70 Springfield trapdoor rifle. This bayonet is made after the Civil War for the trapdoor breech Springfield rifle. It looks almost identical to the Civil War Springfield bayonet except the diameter of the socket is smaller because of the smaller caliber of the rifle barrel. The scabbard has the metal body scabbard and it still display well with an untouched look to the metal. At the top it has the metal "J" hook to attach to the belt and it has the leather sleeve and it has the US rosette present at the top of the scabbard. This pattern is illustrated on page #176 of the American Socket Bayonets & Scabbards book by Robert Reilly. They are officially known as the US Model 1885 pattern scabbard that was designed by J.E. Emerson of Newark, New Jersey. The back side of the hook has the "RIA" stamping from the Rock Island Arsenal. This is an attractive Indian Wars era Springfield trapdoor rifle bayonet and scabbard.

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