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GOLD WASHED BLADE! Civil War Staff Officer's Sword & Scabbard
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This is a beauty by anyone's standards! It is an original Civil War staff & field officer's sword. it is the higher grade that was made by the famous firm of Clauberg of Solingen, Germany. They would have imported this sword tot he states to be sold to a well-to-do officer. The blade has their maker's mark at the base along with their knight in armor trademark. The blade is in superb shape with a beautiful look. You can see the ornate Etching on each side and it is gold washed which makes it stand out from the crowd. The front of the blade has the stand of arms at the base. In the middle of the etching it has the Union eagle with the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto. The it is finished off by the highly stylized script letter "US" lettering. The reverse of the blade has the stand of arms at the base with the motto "For Union and Liberty" in the center. On the spine of the blade it has more gold wash that includes the proud "IRON PROOF" quality mark which means it is guaranteed to cut iron. As with most of the sword of this pattern the hand guard that is made of iron and this one is as nice as you could ever hope for. It has the hand guard and backstrap that are made of iron. Each piece still retains perfect shape and coloration. The original handle is intact on the grip of the sword including the sharkskin grip. It has the original wire wrapping remaining as well. One thing that sets this one off is that it has a superb amount of the original brown factory finish on the scabbard. Most of the time this has worn off over the years. The scabbard has the brass mounts, ring, throat and drag still present and in excellent shape. This is a sword that will definitely be a positive addition to any collection. If you are only going to have one iron guard sword in your collection then this is it!

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