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Authentic Soldier's Uniforms
Gorgeous Original 1830's Infantry Officer's Uniform With A Classic Look
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When was the last time you had an opportunity to own one of these? This is a beautiful original US military coat from the 1830s. The coat has an amazing look as you can see in the images. It is constructed of the blue wool material that still retains a rich dark color. There is mothing from age as you can see but that is to be expected of a coat that is over 190 years old. The front of the coat is constructed with 9 buttons going down each side for a total of 18 buttons. If you notice, there is a gap where another row of buttons could have gone but they made it without them because that is where the soldier's belt would have gone. The buttons are the one piece construction with the Union Eagle on the face of the button and inside the shield it has the "I" which denotes the infantry branch of service. Many of the button still retain a beautiful amount of the original silver from the factory with the silver aging to a pretty gray tone. On the back of the buttons have the William H. Smith of New York maker markings. If you notice these early coats are constructed using the very high collar that measures 3 1/4 inches in height. On each side of the collar it has the 2 original buttons intact on each side that have the geometric style pattern. All of the silver bullion trim is still intact with a very pleasing look. The back of the coat is constructed using the beautiful swallowtail design. The reverse still retains all 10 of the original silver one-piece buttons that match the front. When you open the coat of, you see the original lining intact with a few old repairs as one would expect from a coat of this age. You see many Civil War uniforms offered but when was the last time you had a chance to own a coat that is this early?

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