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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Wonderful .44 Caliber Colt Dragoon Revolver with Confederate Holster
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This is an amazing pair of items from a classic collection. The first piece is the famous .44 caliber revolver that was made by the Colt Firearms Company. It is the model that is known as the "Dragoon" revolver. Along the top of the barrel it has the Samuel Colt maker marking as well as the New York City location. These guns were made in Hartford, Connecticut with the sales office being located in New York City. This massive gun has the 7-1/2 inch barrel that is full-length. The frame of the gun has the "COLT'S PATENT" marking with the traces of the "US" below. It is the four screw design that was intended to be used with a shoulderstock. What makes this gun extra special is the handle of the gun. Upon 1st glance it looks like a regular pair of grips that have been carved with crosshatching but it is much more when you look closely. The brass backstrap on the handle of the gun have been broken and altered. They reworked the brass and added an improvised pair of holes to allow a shoulder stock. They also hand made these replacement grips that are wider and flatter than the standard Colt grips. They almost have a wide stance like that of the Texas made Dance Brothers revolver. We often see where the Confederates reworked the muskets, rifles and carbines so they could still be used to fight the North and this is likely one that was reworked for the same purpose. Another thing that lends credence to the reworking theory is that they frame and triggerguard have the serial number of 17,396 with the barrel and loading lever having the number 16,165. The wedge is another number. But as you can tell by the look and the patina, all of these pieces have been together since they were being used as a weapon. The mechanics of the gun still work well on all positions. When the gun was found it was still encased in the original brown leather holster. The holster is well made but in my opinion is Confederate in manufacture. The rivets that hold the belt loop are intact on the back and they are very crude and would never make it out of a quality Northern shop. The small simple brass finial is intact that was designed to hold the flap closed. It ahs part of the closure tab remaining. The gun and holster came out of North Carolina and has spent the last few years in the in the personal collection of country music legend, Hank Williams, Jr. He has decided to let a few thing go so now it can be yours. It has spent the last several years in Hanks personal collection and this is the opportunity to add it to yours.

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