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Original Civil War Enlisted Forage Cap With Rare Brass Ventalator Intact
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If you have always wanted a neat original Civil War enlisted man's forage cap without spending $3000, then this one is for you. This is the classic style that was worn by the regular fighting men during the Civil War. The hat is constructed using the dark blue wool. As you can see the moths have had their way with a cloth, but it still displays well and is a prime candidate for restoration. If you choose, we can put you in touch with a first-class restoration expert but I love it away time has made it. One thing that makes this hat different from most of those that you encounter is that the crown of the hat has an original brass ventilator installed to encourage air flow under the soldiers forage cap. These were rare to start with and you almost never encountered these still on the hats. Also on the top of the hat it has the 7/8ths inch tall German silver company letter "G" and a 5/8ths inch tall German silver "8", who's preceding number is missing. The hat is missing chinstrap but it has an excellent original tarred leather brim. When you turn over the hat you see that it is missing the sweatband but has its full brown cotton lining still beautifully intact. This is a nicely priced original Civil War forage with company letter and the scarce brass ventilator intact as a bonus.

Item #: A9395
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