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Beautiful Original Civil War Piedmontese Rifle by August Francotte
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This is a neat Civil War gun! It is the weapon officially listed as a model 1844/1860 Piedmontese Rifled Musket. It is a rifled .69 caliber musket. The neat thing about this one is that has a very cool dark tone all over. The lockplate has the small "AF" stamping in front of the hammer. The AF stands for the firm of August Francotte of Liege Belgium. The Federal government imported this pattern of rifled when the war broke out. According to the book on European firearms they state that Henry Boker and Marcus Hartley imported them for the Government. This one has clear markings on the lockplate. The action still catches on both of the positions. The barrel is full-length with a bore that is as dark as the rest of the gun. You cans till see the original rifling in the barrel. At the breech of the barrel it has the traces of the Belgian style proof mark still visible. It has both of the original two sling swivels still present. In the channel under the barrel it has the original full-length ramrod. The stock has a very attractive look with a beautiful grain. On the right hand side of the walnut stock it has the remnants of the "A. FRANCOTTE - LIEGE" maker's cartouche still visible. This is a good looking musket that has a very good chance of seeing Civil War service and is priced for the price of a pocket model Colt revolver these days.

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