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Longarms - Rifles & Muskets Under $1,000
Civil War Drissen & Cie. Manufactured 2-Band Enfield Short Rifle
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This is a cool version of a Civil War imported rifle. This is the gun listed by collectors as a Brazilian light minie rifle. They were initially made for the Brazilian government by the O.P. Drissen Company in Liege, France. When the Civil War was going some of these guns were imported by the U.S. Ordnance Department. The special thing about this one is that it still has the two holes where it would have had the brass shield on the wrist with the Union eagle in the center. This lets us know that this one is one of the ones that made it over and was used during the Civil War. There is a neat description of these guns on page 112 of the 2nd edition of the book entitled Firearms from Europe. The gun itself has a full-length 32 inch barrel. It has had the side lug for the saber bayonet removed long ago. At the back of the barrel it has the correct and traces of the Belgian proof mark on the left hand side of the barrel breech. The front sight is intact and the rear sight is missing in action. The action of the lock catches crisply on both of the positions. The gun has had the sling swivels removed eons ago. The ramrod is the a old replacement ramrod. All of the major parts have Drissen's distinct maker mark of an anchor with "D" on one side of the anchor and "C" on the other side. The metal parts have the dark tone with fine tone. The gun displays well as you can see. The stock is complete and has a very attractive grain to the deep dark color of the wood. This is a neat and nice looking gun, especially for $695.

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