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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company Priced Over $1,500
Attractive 1863 Production Military Model .44 Caliber Colt Army Revolver
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This is a very nice looking original Civil War .44 caliber Colt revolver. These guns are better known to collectors as the Civil War "Army" model revolver. They were a weapon of choice for most branches of the service during the War. This one has all matching serial numbers of 128,475 except for the barrel wedge which is an original with a different number. These serial numbers let us know that the gun was manufactured in latter part of 1863. Model 1860 Colt Army revolvers were made with an 8 inch barrel that has a silver blade style front sight. The original sight is intact on this gun. Across the top of the barrel is the Colt maker's mark along with the New York City location. These guns were actually manufactured in Hartford, Connecticut with the sales office being in New York City. The action of the gun works functions on all positions. There is still about 40% of the original cylinder scene visible. On the side of the frame and also on the cylinder you can see the "COLTS PATENT" mark to go along with the same marking on the cylinder. On the handle of the gun the original 1-piece walnut grip is present with a nice look. On the side of the grips, you can see the very faint remnants of one of the inspector's cartouche stamps that lets us know that the gun is a military Colt rather than a private purchased weapon. It also has the military sub inspector initials on the other major parts of the gun. This is a nice and honest Civil War .44 caliber Colt Army model revolver with a very pleasing look that is a step above most of the ones you encounter.


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