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Longarms - Rifles & Muskets Under $1,000
Half-Stock .69 Caliber Smoothbore by Joab Hapgood of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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This is a cool looking ancient gun! This is a gun that was made by Joab Hapgood. It is a percussion Half-stock smoothbore that fires a single bullet of .69 caliber. It is designed with a pretty walnut stock with brass fittings and a silver escutcheon on the wrist. The back side of the lock is engraved with foliate designs and in front of the hammer is "J. HAPGOOD". The hammer still has spring and still catches on both of the positions. One thing that makes this one special is that the breech of the barrel is marked "J. HAPGOOD/SHREWSBURY," The records show that Captain Joab Hapgood (1804-1890), was from Boston and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and that he built guns between 1826 and 1864. Underneath the barrel it has a ancient replacement wooden ramrod. The stock has some cracks and a couple of repair spots. THe barrel pin is missing and has been replaced with a wire long ago. The gun measures 56 inches overall with the barrel making up 40-3/8th of those inches. This is a cool gun with a lot of character.

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