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Model 1859 Civil War Sharps Rifle With Saber Bayonet Lug
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Here is a good looking piece! It is an original Civil War Sharps military rifle. Upon 1st look they look like a regular Sharps carbine on steroids. It has a longer barrel and forestock as well as two extra barrel bands and sling swivels. This one has matching serial numbers of 40,040 which is correct and matching with the number on the underside of the barrel. The Sharps "New Model" 1859 rifles in this serial range, roughly 39,XXX through 40,XXX with saber bayonet lugs are typically considered part of the "Mitchell Contract" of Sharps rifles acquired by the US Navy during the Civil War, after the US Army declined to purchase the guns equipped with saber bayonets, preferring to stay with socket bayonet rifles. The mechanics of the lockplate works well on both positions. On the lockplate it has the correct Sharps patent marks and dates of 1852 and 1859. The barrel is full-length at 30 inches with the original front and rear sights intact. These Sharps rifles are produced in .52 caliber bore size. At the breech of the barrel it has the Sharps manufacturing mark and Hartford, Connecticut production location. Behind the rear sight it proudly reads "NEW MODEL 1859". One thing that makes this gun special is that it is designed with the bayonet lug underneath the barrel. This was to allow the use of a saber style bayonet to the end of the barrel. In Flayderman's Guide he states that there were only 4,300 of these produced with 1,500 being sent to the army and 2,800 of them going to the Navy. The wood on the gun has a beautiful grain to the walnut. On the shoulderstock it has the iron style patchbox still present. You see many more of the model 1863 Sharps rifles than you encounter these model 1859 Sharps. This is a very nice looking Civil War Model 1859 production Sharps military rifle.

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